The Wild Rumpus


"Seriously, if you’ve never caught one of these things, come along – and bring lots of people who ‘don’t usually play games’, because their lives are about to change"

The Guardian

Part arcade, part club night, part something wild and untamed that we can’t quite put into words. Wild Rumpus events are the pinnacle in all that is bizarre, playful, mischievous and absurdly amazing in videogames today. 

Whilst based in London we’ve helped curate nights from San Francisco to Austin to Toronto alongside a host of amazing co-conspirators. We’ve even run a night on a F**king Boat* (*technically it was a ship, an ex cold-war fishing vessel at that).

We strive to turn your perception of videogames on its head bringing you games you simply can’t just play at home on your sofa. So come along and LET THE WILD RUMPUS START!

Do you have a game which you feel could be right at home at a future Rumpus? Then head over to our submissions page for more details.

Want to talk to us about our events? Then drop us a line at

Wild Rumpus beasts, branding & event posters are by Richard Hogg

Hongo on the left and Christopher Hazlett on the right.


Marie Foulston  - @tigershungry 
George Buckenham  - @V21
Richard Hogg  - @dick_hogg
Ricky Haggett  - @kommanderklobb
Alice O’Connor  - @asponge
Patrick Ashe  - @patrickashe